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Elite Environmental Consulting can identify microbes including viruses, parasites, bacteria, and yeasts that can be present after a sewage contamination from raw sewage backup, severe flooding, and leaking sewer lines or septic tanks. Our report will identify these microbes and recommend cleanup and decontamination procedures. Bacteria clearance testing should be conducted once remediation has been completed to insure a proper cleaning has been done and the environment is free from contamination.


Elite Environmental Consulting can identify, assess, and recommend remedy of discovered mold and its impact on indoor air quality. We will perform an inspection including moisture readings, bio aerosol testing (air testing), surface sampling, and relative humidity readings to assess possible contamination issues. Our reports provide laboratory results and recommendations on mold remediation and offer project monitoring. Upon completion of a mold remediation project, we can complete a microbial clearance test.


Elite Environmental Consulting will conduct a thorough investigation to identify the location, quantity and condition of any suspect lead-based paints and lead containing paints within the building followed by a comprehensive report to document findings and provide recommendations. If lead is present on any painted surface such as drywall, plaster, exterior siding, window trim, or ceramic tile. Once remediation has been completed we can conduct a lead dust clearance to insure lead contamination is not present.


Elite Environmental Consulting can conduct asbestos testing to identify the location, extent, and condition of suspect asbestos containing material (ACM) such as vinyl floor tile, sheet vinyl, floor mastics, drywall joint compound, textured painted surfaces, acoustic ceiling, roof shingles, exterior siding, insulation, and wrapping on HVAC ducts and plumbing. We provide recommendations on asbestos abatement procedures and provide air sampling upon completion of abatement to insure area is available for re-occupancy.






Elite Environmental Consulting specializes in asbestos, lead, mold, and bacteria inspection, testing, and consulting services throughout California with offices based in Vallejo, CA and San Diego, CA

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Lead Based Paint Lead Conaining Paint San Diego, CA Vallejo, CA
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Bacteria Testing Sewage Backup E. Coli San Diego, CA Vallejo, CA

When a remodel or restoration is held up due to the possibility of asbestos, lead, mold, or other hazards, you want results immediately from an experienced and qualified consultant. We respond instantly, delivering accurate results and sound recommendations so you can have peace of mind that you have all the information needed to move forward with your project.