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  • Bacteria Inspection:
    Sewage Backup Why Test?

    Damage from flood water containing sewage and feces is a very common problem encountered
    by home owners and building managers. Sewage wastewater, if it contains fecal waste, may be contaminated with a wide variety of microbes, including viruses, parasites, bacteria, and yeasts. Many of these are
    pathogenic to humans. These microbes must be and the environment must be disinfected with appropriate biocides.
    In the event of sewage water contamination, cleanup, disinfection and testing are necessary to
    ensure that the cleanup and disinfection are successful and the living environment is free of
    contamination from sewage associated microbes.
    Sewage backup could lead to sewage contamination of the occupied spaces. Exposure to sewage contamination increases the risk of contracting diseases of the digestive system and other related illnesses. Potential disease causing organisms in sewage contamination include Escherichia coli, Salmonella, and Shigella.
    Sources of sewage contamination may include raw sewage backup, severe flooding and leaking sewer lines or septic tanks.

    Elite Environmental Consulting will assess the affected work area, take moisture readings and collect swab samples to determine the potential health risks from sewage contamination. Sampling after cleanup is recommended to determine if the cleanup was successful.

    Bacteria clearance testing must be conducted once remediation has been completed to insure a proper cleaning has been done.
    Fecal Coliforms

    The term fecal colifor is rather misleading since not all bacteria found in this group are of fecal origin. Fecal coliforms include bacteria such as E. coli, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, and Citrobacter. With the exception of E. coli, these bacteria could also be associated with plants.
    Escherichia coli (E. coli)

    As mentioned above the E. coli belong to the fecal coliform group. Presence of E. coli is a reliable indication of fecal or sewage contamination. However, E. coli has also been isolated from soil suggesting that it may not be 100% reliable indicator of fecal or sewage contamination.

  • Mold Inspection

    Elite Environmental Consulting offers a variety of microbial consultation services so that we can assist you in identifying, assessing,


    Asbestos Inspection

    There are many laws and regulations that vary by state and city associated with asbestos removal in residential and commercial buildings.


    Lead Inspection

    Elite Environmental Consulting is certified by the California Department of Public Health and the Environmental Protection Agency to perform Lead-Based Paint Inspections,


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    Paula B. - YelpPaula B. - Yelp

    When I called, I was given great information about the process for testing my home for asbestos. They came out the same day. The gentleman that came out was very friendly and answered all of my questions. He took extra tests at my request. I got the results very quickly. Everyone that I have had contact with has been very professional, friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this company!

    DiamondBack Cleaning & Restoration - YelpDiamondBack Cleaning & Restoration - Yelp

    I work for a Restoration company and I periodically need asbestos, lead and mold testing. I really like using Elite because of their quick response time. Kenny is very good about working around my schedule and results are always delivered when promised. I would strongly recommend Elite to anyone looking for a reliable testing company!

    Budd S. - Yelp

    Kenneth provided testing in my home prior to a kitchen remodel and then lead and asbestos testing after demo. He and his technicians are prompt, reliable, knowledgeable, and pleasant. Kenneth was also very helpful by answering all of my questions about the testing, abatement, and was even available after hours and on the weekend!

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